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Food Sensitivities

Dr. Nichole Nygren

Mar 11, 2023

Not all foods are healthy for YOU

Have you ever wondered if maybe you're reacting to food?

Maybe you feel uncomfortable or nauseous after eating? Do you have unexplained fatigue or difficulty concentrating? Headaches, migraines, or skin irritations?

When your immune system “doesn’t like” something, it creates antibodies in response to this. When you have a food sensitivity, it triggers the body to make an immune response to the specific food, which can then cause delayed symptoms like those mentioned above, as well as brain fog, bloating, and inflammation.

Years ago I noticed I had bloating and digestive problems despite the fact that I was “eating healthy”. Through food sensitivity testing I realized healthy foods for some did not mean healthy foods for me. For example, I was eating a lot of almonds as a "healthy snack". But once I got tested for food sensitivities I found that almonds were high on my list for producing an adverse immune response. Unfortunately several other healthy foods I was consuming showed up too!

So I started an elimination diet of my top offending foods and started to feel so much better! Now I offer the testing for my patients.

If these feelings are common for you, you may want to ask me about food sensitivity testing at your next visit. The lab I use is Alletess. It is a take home finger prick blood sample test that is then mailed off to the lab for results. It's quick, easy, and very informative.

If you’ve tried other things to no avail, this may be the next thing helping you feel your best!

Learn more from Alletess here

In health,

Dr. Nichole

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