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Let's Talk Summer Feet

Dr. Nichole Nygren

Jun 1, 2023

Keep your feet happy

Warmer weather is here, your feet are hot, and you’re tempted to just wear a cheap pair of flip flips. Summer should be easy breezy like that, right?

Unfortunately for many of us that are aging (including me) this will end in pain— and no one wants that to ruin their fun in the sun!

It may be surprising, but you can find flip-flops that are trendy and supportive. Supportive shoes, sandals and flip flops are crucial for many because going without supportive footwear–or going barefoot–can be a painful experience, even for just a day at the beach.

This is something I know all too well. It started in my 30’s that I had to watch what I wear, and now in my 40’s you will rarely find me without supportive shoes, let alone barefoot. When I don’t wear the right shoes my feet get achy and then it travels into my hips—which can then a ruin a good night's sleep! Can anyone relate?

My highest recommendation for summer wear is to get your feet casted for personalized, custom orthotic flip-flops or sandals. This will ensure that you’ll keep your foot, leg or hip pain under control while still enjoying summer outdoor fun!

We can do the foot molds right here in the office and it’s quick and easy. Let us know if you’re interested and you can look at all the sandal types Foot Levelers has to offer, both for men and women.

The second best summer support for your feet would be to look for specific brands. According to Women’s Health Magazine, the following have the 2023 rating for Best Supportive Flip Flops:

1. Teva Mush

2. Ecetana Wedge

3. Oofos OOlala

4.Crocs LiteRide               

5. Vionic Orthaheel

6. Hari Mari Dunes

7. Sank Yoga Joy                             

8. Fit Flop iQishion

9. Reef Ortho-Bounce

10. Chacos                                  

11. Clarks Breeze Sea

12. Birkenstock

13. Plaka Palm Leaf                        

14. Aerothotic Orthotic

15. Footminders Seymour

Enjoy your upcoming summer and may your feet be happy!                  

~Dr. Nichole

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