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Balancing Life & Eating Well

Dr. Nichole Nygren

Jan 16, 2023

Dr. Nichole shares her eating struggles

Balancing life and eating well Sometimes is hard to do!

Hi everyone! It's Dr. Nichole here and I'm going to admit to all of you that I'm not where I wanted to be by mid-January!

What about you?

I wanted to start my 2023 off healthy and clean with a 10-day cleanse. Instead I found myself too busy with my mountain of to-do's. I've got yearend bookwork, taxes, office projects, website changes, half marathon training and what feels like a million other things to do. Have you had a big to-do list too?

I haven't had time to figure out an eating plan for the cleanse, let alone grocery shop for it! I'm embarrassed to say, I just got my Christmas decorations down.

Anyone in the same boat as me? Feeling discouraged? Like it's too late to start now?

I think it's time to change our thinking and give ourselves a little grace. Let's take a deep breath and get some perspective.

What little attempts are you making? For me, I have been trying to drink the recommended "1/2 your body weight in water ounces" daily. That's quick and easy! Requiring only filtered water and a glass! I've been saying no to deserts, instead reaching for fruit when that sweet tooth hits. That takes no time. And I've been making sure to have raw veggies or spinach salad with my lunch and dinner. That's quick and easy as well! So maybe I'm not doing as badly as I thought. Maybe the same goes for you?

It's a start. And I do feel better! I'm sure you do too.

But I know from the past that I'll feel even better when I complete my 10 day cleanse. There's just something about committing to 10 days of no dairy, gluten or sweets, loading up on veggies and letting the supplements do their thing. My sinuses always feel better, I lose the bloat, my hangry episodes go away and I feel more energized. Most of all, it makes me conscious of what's going in my body and how my body is reacting.

Finishing the 10 days is like finishing a race. There's a sense of accomplishment and success. An empowerment over the bondage of food. A feeling that I kicked the sugar habit!

So it's not too late. Everyday is a new day. Soon my mountain list will be done and I'll be able to fully focus and commit. Hopefully you will too!

Until then, let's all keep doing the things that take little time and effort. Let's avoid the obvious bad foods and put more good things into ourselves. Our bodies will thank us for it!

In health,

Dr. Nichole

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