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Acupuncture Anniversary

Dr. Nichole Nygren

Dec 1, 2023

15 Years ago it all started!

15 years ago, on Dec. 6. 2008, Dr. Nichole became certified, bringing acupuncture to small town Van Wert!

We celebrate this day because over the past 15 years so many lives have been changed as a result of receiving acupuncture!

Here’s a few of the many questions she gets asked on a daily basis—that maybe you’ve always wondered about!

Q: Why did you decide to study acupuncture? As I was learning from my father, I paid attention because he regarded acupuncture very highly. At the time he was living, the state did not allow chiropractors to “break the skin” with needles, so he was restricted to using a form of manual or electrical stimulation on acupoints. He studied the art & theory, finished his 300 hours to become a diplomate, and used this method on patients—and saw great results! As a new practitioner I wanted the best for my patients too, so I learned from him and then began the diplomate program myself.

Q: Where did you go to learn acupuncture? The program consisted of 2 levels. The 1st 100 hours earned a fellowship and the next 200 earned the Diplomate. Dr. Nichole studied under Dr. John Amaro and his school, the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Since most all students pursuing this certification are practitioners in full time practice, the classes had to be broken down into weekend 15 hour long seminars, in different locations across the country. I got to travel to Washington DC, Colorado & California for the classes.

Q: Do many patients come in for acupuncture? A resounding YES is the answer! From the very beginning 15 years ago many patients were interested and wanted to try it. We started with 2 make shift rooms separated by a curtain. Then as we saw the interest growing, my husband framed the rooms in and added paneling and doors. Not too long after that we acquired 2 more rooms down the hall from our landlord, who cut down a wall to extend the hallway. In 2019 we remodeled all the rooms. I frequently have all 4 rooms filled with acupuncture patients throughout the day and see as many as 50 a week for acupuncture.

Here is her first press release:

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