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Dr. Nichole Nygren
I grew up under chiropractic care.  My father was a chiropractor.  Adjustments and good nutrition were the only way of life I knew. If I ever got sick, I got adjusted.  If I ever got hurt, I got adjusted.  And even if nothing was wrong, I got adjusted to stay healthy. 
Before my senior year in high school I spent the entire summer assisting my dad in his office.  I watched him help patients of all ages, with a wide variety of disorders, get well.  Everyday watching this created a newfound passion inside me.  I knew I wanted to become a chiropractor and healer like him. So my studies began...
By December 1998 I graduated from Life University with a Bachelor in Nutrition and Doctorate of Chiropractic.
In March of 1999, my family & I moved to Van Wert and I joined my father's practice--Rainey Chiropractic.   I worked with him until his sudden death in 2001. 
December 2008 I became certified by the Ohio State Chiropractic Board to practice acupuncture.
Here is my first press release with my father in 1999.


Office Manager Jenn McGarvey
My first memory of chiropractic was actually in high school, when I started getting adjustments for my lower back due to volleyball. (In actuality, my first experience was while my mom was still pregnant with me!)  I remember always feeling so much better after adjustments, and received them regularly through adulthood.  
When my husband and I married just after college, we travelled around the country with his job, where worked with a general contractor building hospitals.  One of those job sites landed us in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I ended up working for a chiropractor.  My experience and training in his office was literally life changing, and my thought process about health care completely changed.  Through the culture and teaching of Dr. Miner, he really focused on the root cause of different diseases and illnesses, and how traditional medicine doesn’t typically focus on the root cause, just the outward symptoms.  
Before moving to Albuquerque, my husband had been fighting a very rare form of cancer and had gone the whole traditional medical route…chemo, surgery, amputation.  During our time in Albuquerque he was in remission and we decided we wanted to try to start having a family and received the news that due to the effects of chemo, my husband was completely sterile, and we starting thinking about trying IVF.  When we walked out of the office that day, my husband grabbed my hand and told me that he believed that if God wanted us to have children of our own, that it was going to happen, naturally.  That was in January of 2007.  At that time, he started receiving regular adjustments and by that October we were pregnant!  
We truly believe that through the adjustments getting his body is proper order and functioning, with no subluxations or nerve flow interference, his body was able to heal from the inside out.  A true miracle:)  Our beautiful daughter was born that following summer, and was adjusted the day after she was born.  We continued to move from job site, to job site, but always sought out a chiropractor to help keep us healthy.   Although my husband’s cancer kept returning, and he had to do more treatment, God allowed us to get pregnant yet again, and I know chiropractic helped make that possible.  Our son was born in 2010 and has had regular adjustments as well!  
After a very brave fight and exhausting every possible treatment option, my husband lost his battle, and the kids and I moved back home to Ohio to be close to family.  However, the change in environments (we have moved from the south) was really hard on my kiddos and they started getting really sick! They were constantly needing to be on antibiotics, which I knew weren’t good for them.  I was finally led to Dr. Nygren, and she has truly been a god-send to our family!  Through muscle testing, supplements, and adjustments, she really helped turn their immune systems around.  They hardly ever get sick now! 
I love getting to work in an environment where we see miracles happen on a regular basis…patients who had trouble walking, now walking with ease and with a smile on their face. Women who have tried all other options and are able to have precious little ones.  I absolutely love getting to have the privilege of seeing these things happen! 

Tuesday Insurance & Front Desk Assistant:  Sherrie Camper

I am excited to introduce myself as an addition to the Nygren Chiropractic and Acupuncture team.  My name is Sherrie Phillips-Camper and I will be working as the Insurance Assistant.  Also, I will assist Jenn and Dr. Nygren around the office in any way that I am capable of doing.

In addition to my numerous years of clerical experience, I have been the recipient of chiropractic care for most of my life and understand the wonderful work that is done by Dr. Nygren.  I was fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Nygren’s father, Dr. Terry Rainey, for many years before she joined his practice.  My husband, Randy, and I both feel blessed to have been accepted by Dr. Nygren as her patients upon her father’s untimely and sad departure from this earth.

It is with great pleasure that I am looking forward to meeting many of you as you come to the office for your adjustments and treatments with Dr. Nygren!

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